Thursday is my day off.

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What I'm doing with my life.

Thursday is my day off. I've worked for myself or with business partners in a job I love that demands all my creativity and energy for many years. So I realized years ago that taking two full days off in a row for the weekend would likely be impossible most weeks. And even if it were, I'd spend some of that time with friends and family. So for the past several years, Thursday is my day. I still do some work, but I don't schedule anything. Not even social appointments. I take the whole day to do whatever I want when I want.

So on most Thursdays I take an hour or two to laze in bed before I get up. I do a little yoga. I take a long shower. I write things and daydream. I go for a walk in my beautiful city, say hi to my many neighbor friends, and perhaps have an impromptu lunch or coffee with one of them I meet. In the afternoon, I dance in the living room. Nina Simone, Parra for Cuva, Black Keys, The National, whatever tickles my toes that day. I take a nap.I love to cook, so Thursday usually involves a lot of kitchen time. Meatballs or something soupy are common favorites. Recently, sometimes while rummaging in the refrigerator, sometimes while chopping vegetables, or sometimes in that moment I open the window to let the afternoon breeze in, I've noticed that -without being aware of it – I'm singing. Sometimes moments like this bring tears to my eyes. I find myself moved by how joyful it is to be alive. To be a woman. To be myself on this day at this time in this place. And sometimes (sometimes even in the very next moment) I get overcome with sadness, and I find myself crying briefly, quietly. I usually don't even know where the pain comes from, or whether it's even mine. But I let it pass through me all the same. All of this while still singing and soaking up the beautiful Tuscan afternoon sunlight that stretches across my kitchen counter.

I think I am most myself on Thursdays. I was born on a Thursday.

Some reactions

  • “You seem like a fairy.”
  • “You seem like a nice and friendly woman.”
  • “It is refreshing to see someone cultivating her own Spirituality.”
  • “Hey baby, I wanna f@$& you.”