What I noticed in my first yoga class after a 3 year hiatus

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I went to toga today for the first time in over 3 years. I  used to do Bikram pretty often. Love hated it. Then I got chubbyish, Then chubbyerish. Then I moved away from the place where Bikram was. Aside from a few little stretches here and there at home, I was out of the yoga scene.

Still am out of the scene, but today I had a full class for the first time in years. Felt good. Here's what I noticed.

  1. My breath is really uneven. The exhale was strong and fairly steady. But the inhale was like grasping gulps, uneven, fast, never really complete, and ticklish. I can;t help but wonder if this doesn't reflect the way I organize my energy and generally live my life. Really good at the giving part. Receiving is a bit harder for me.
  2. My right side is stronger than my left side. This wasn't news at all. But the difference was bigger than its ever been. I guess without the dedication of practice and attention, things become more so. Bodies in motion stay in motion and all that. Momentum.
  3. That Cacao Maca Nut smoothie afterwards tasted like Ambrosia. I mean, I know the gods drank that shit all the time, but wow. Pleasure never tasted so sweet as it did after just a little bit of pain. Again, not news, but the experience of a present moment makes it seem new every time.