Life and death

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It’s Sunday. Meatball Sunday.

I don’t measure anything and I always do one or two things differently each time. Today, for example, I held the beef, tripled the parsley (because that awesome veggie lady in Santo Spirito had this lush thicket of it on her table and I just wanted it), used only sheep’s milk cheese, and substituted oat flakes for the gluten free breadcrumbs I usually use. Halfway through, I got inspired to dust them with some dried wild oregano I had lying around.

But one thing seems to always turn out the same every time: the pyramid. The cutting board holds a base of 5×8 meatballs. So this is 110 meatballs. 🙂

Today it took me 4 and a half hours from start to finish, and I watched TED Talks while I worked.

Here were the highlights:

What really matters at the end of life.

We need a heroic narrative for letting go.

Life that doesn’t end with death.

Prepare for a good end of life.

I had death on my mind today. Some loved ones are approaching that time, and I find myself questioning how I will deal with the loss. I have no idea. And it scares me. These talks inspired me to think more consciously about how life ends, and therefore how to live. The first talk in particular really touched me.

And this is what they look like all fried up.

You can see the little quinoa fibers. Ok time to enjoy the sensual pleasure of having a body and go eat some of these.