I only dislike dust bunnies in theory.

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I only dislike dust bunnies in theory.

Maybe it makes me a bad person that I let these little dust balls accumulate and stride around my apartment like they own the place. Certainly if I ran a tighter ship, I would be saintlier. Cleanliness is next to godliness and all that.

And don't get me wrong. I definitely want to be a better person. And I very much care what you think about me. But still, my little bunny friends have taken up individually transient but cumulatively permanent residence in my apartment.  And I don't think I'm going to be evicting them anytime soon.

That's because, although I hate those little dust bunnies sometimes when they catch the corner of my eye, and although I'd certainly prefer to be a tidier and, therefore, a more together and more attractive woman, the list of things I'd rather be doing in any given moment than dust and vacuum is way too long. Here are just a few things:

  • meditate
  • go for a walk in the garden
  • go for an evening walk around town
  • cook dinner
  • paint my fingernails
  • read about cognitive  development
  • doodle with many colored markers
  • rip out pretty pictures in magazines and put them in neat little stacks.
  • see what the fascinating transgender kid I'm following on Instagram is up to.
  • reorganize my to do list.
  • try to learn a few more of those dastardly Italian prepositions

And let's not forget work. I love my work. So that takes up the lion's share of my “this is something I'd maybe rather someone else do, but I'm the best woman for the job, so I'm gonna do it anyway” time.

Slimy things have to be wiped up. Smelly things have to be taken outside. Stuff the flies might want to lay eggs in has to be burned, flushed, or refrigerated. But dusty things? Meh. I can peacefully coexist with those.

That's why I say I only dislike dust bunnies in theory. Conceptually. In the abstract. But in the real world, where I live, and walk around barefoot, and drink tea on the sofa in front of Skype, dust bunnies are just fine with me. I know because they're there.

Maybe if they mutiny one day, I'll think about paying someone else to sweep them up a little more often.